TB 500 Digital Scales

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Jenning TB 500 Digital Scale 0.01g- 500g x 0.01g
Modes: g, ct, ozt, dwt, oz, gnX
Digital Precision Compact Scale with Rubberized Finish.
For the price, you just can’t beat this scale. And it’s the little things that count; like the adjustable leveling feet and handy level bubble, parts counting function, automatic shut-off that saves energy, two included power options, and 6 weighing modes!
This sort of well-roundedness from a digital weighing machine surprising and useful in a myriad of areas — classrooms, gems and beads, and trade shows are a few that come to mind. And peace of mind comes in the form of the Jennings 20 year warranty!
• Rubberized Outer Shell for Extra Grip
• Levelling System
• Large Blue Backlit Display
• Adjustable Feet
• 500g x 0.01g
• MODES:g,ct,ozt,dwt,oz,gn

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