Can everclear be used in this machine?

We do not recommend or endorse infusing with solvents. Many solvents, like Everclear, have a boiling point of 172.9ºF at sea level, which is much lower than LEVO’s maximum temperature setting. This poses a risk of fire or electric shock, should your ingredients reach their boiling point and catch on fire or leak inside of […]

How do I clean my Levo?

Remove the reservoir & nozzle. With the power on, press and hold down the RELEASE button while lifting the reservoir UP and out of the LEVO. If you have a LEVO II, unscrew the nozzle from the reservoir (LEVO I has attached nozzle). Place them in the dishwasher, or clean by hand with soap and […]

How do you use Levo 2?

From salves and soap to smoothie bowls and salad dressing, using LEVO II is as easy as making coffee or tea! 1 – Add your favorite herb to the Power Pod. 2 – Run a Dry or Activate cycle to prepare your botanicals before infusion. 3 – Set the time & temperature. 4 – Dispense […]