Focus V CARTA Classic Electronic Rig Kit

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The first CARTA unit is back in black & better than ever.

The first of more revamped OG color units to come, the Focus V CARTA Classic hits harder for less moola. Enjoy the same great Focus V function, flavor & feel with a focus on increased practicality and consumer friendliness. Previous models of portable vape rigs still rely heavily on electrical charging, whereas the Focus V CARTA Classic can be charged through a USB like a standard portable rig or can rely on the power of two 18350 batteries. Designed by Focus V for the CARTA, the Everlast Atomizer is a titanium bucket that holds heat longer. Ultra durable, travel with and fire up your CARTA without burning through battery power. Download the Focus V app to keep track of your dabs. As more app details are released, you’ll be the first to know!

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