Saionara Straight Glass Bubbler


The Crossing Hydro Tube Bubbler is a premium glass attachment designed to fit 22mm wax atomizers to enhance your experience with much smoother and flavorful results.

It uses a silicone grommet to fit over the top of the atomizer and create a strong airtight seal with the hydro tube bubbler for flawless performance.

All of your vapor will then filter through water to cool it without effecting flavor quality and it allows it more time to diffuse before you inhale it, resulting in some serious smooth vapor. It features a sturdy design utilizing thicker glass than some of the other bubbler attachments out there.

Crossing engineered it to work well with most 22mm bottom airflow cartridges including:

utillian 5 wax pen
Saionara atomizer
Crossing Sai
MiracleS – Atomizer
DTV3 atomizers
Divine Tribe V3 and V4 atomizers
Evolve plus xl

As well as many more

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