Utillian 5 Glass Bubbler


Utillian 5 Hydrotube/Glass Bubbler

For use with the Utillian 5 Wax Vaporizer, this glass bubbler is a must have accessory. The bubbler mounts on top of the Utillian 5 mouthpiece and allows you to enjoy smooth, cool hits from your vaporizer as the water chills the vapor as it travels through it, giving your Utillian 5 the ultimate upgrade.

Crossing engineered it to work well with most 22mm bottom airflow cartridges including:

utillian 5 wax pen
Saionara atomizer
Crossing Sai
MiracleS – Atomizer
DTV3 atomizers
Divine Tribe V3 and V4 atomizers
Evolve plus xl


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