How long can you store product in the CVault?

When testing the CVault using the Boveda Pak, company stored a variety of products for up to two months with no noticeable difference in the texture, taste, smell or aroma of the product, which we thought was pretty amazing! However, there is no definitive answer; there are as many variables as varieties of products you […]

How long does each Boveda Pak last?

This actually has two answers: During storage testing was found the Boveda Pak to last anywhere from 60 to 90 days when used in conjunction with the CVault. For curing we cannot define a specific timeline however we have seen the pak last for as little as a week to 60 days.  The pak has […]

How long does your weed keep in this products?

It depends on how many times you open it in a day. The packs that are used with this container allow for your stash to stay fresh for up to months. However every case is different. Usually if it starts to dry, you just replace the Boveda pack that we offer for sale here.