Boveda Butler – Smart Sensor Hygrometer



The best innovation for premium cigars/Herbs since the invention of Boveda! The “Boveda Butler” lets you see what’s going on inside your humidor/CVault Storage Container without having to open the lid (or even be in the same room—or country!). Just calibrate your Boveda Smart Sensor with Boveda’s One-Step Calibration Kit that is included when you choose the “Boveda Butler Kit”. Then sync up your smart sensor to the Boveda app for ongoing, hassle-free humidor maintenance right from your smartphone.

Boveda’s patented “One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit” is used to check the accuracy of your hygrometer. The One-Step Calibration Kit produces an environment of 75% humidity. To calibrate, place your Boveda Smart Sensor into the zip-lock bag (included).

For an even more accurate reading, add the optional 32% Calibration Kit to complete the 2-step calibration process included with the app.

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