Focus V Carta Buckets in Titanium & Quartz



Cleaner Cold Start Dabbing
Designed specifically for use with the Focus V Carta Vape Rig, this Quartz Insert perfects cold start dabbing while providing a reliable fit. The quartz insert makes cleaning easier since you can simply remove the insert. Crafted from high quality quartz, it’s an insert that really lets you taste the terps without any flavor compromise. It also heats up quickly and evenly for a thorough, efficient sesh.

High quality quartz material
Keeps your Carta cleaner

Each order will contain 2 buckets of the same kind.


The Carta Titanium Bucket by Focus V is the perfect solution for those seeking a more rugged piece for their Carta rig. Titanium buckets are virtually unbreakable so they make great travel companions. While they don’t heat quite as quickly as quartz buckets, they still heat up quickly and conduct heat efficiently. These titanium buckets, precision-crafted from high quality titanium, feature a simple design to make using them easy even for beginning dabbers.

Each order will contain 2 buckets of the same kind.

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